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The ideal combination of reliable product features and an affordable price.

Lunex Company is a leading and an expanding British manufacturer, more and more recognizable in Global Market specialising in the production and sales of reliable approved CE automotive bulbs, with innovative xenon and halogen technology, as a result gained from our years of experience on lighting market.

Our goal is to provide high quality headlights made from best materials and tested according to consistent specifications. We are committed to providing innovative, quality and certified products, made with the greatest care, to ensure road safety has to be clear and reliable to each driver.

We offer a wide range of standard and premium headlights that will fit your needs. Every driver will find a suitable product, to match the specific car model, at affordable prices.

We are young, flexible and rapidly progressing/growing team that can manage the full lightning design process from concept to tender and supply backed up by excellent customer service.

Our advantage is our Company! Since we are at the stage of developing our business, that allows us to fully focus on each client Individually, comparing to overgrown companies.